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The Periclean Ideal - Essay Example

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The Funeral Oration of Pericles was written in commemoration of the soldiers who fought and died during the Peloponnesian War. The work of Pericles provides an overview of the Athenian democracy and how it has worked wonders for them. The writer mentioned the qualities and characteristics of the Athenians as well as their virtues which made it possible for them to gain supremacy and governance.

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The Periclean Ideal

Aside from this, they do not only follow the rules and abide by the constitution because they are required but they willingly do it because they want to. Athenians had thus achieved something quite unique - being both ruled and rulers at one and the same time. This had forged a unique type of citizen. Clever, tolerant, and open minded,
Although restricted to adult males of local ancestry, Athenian nationality established complete and active involvement in every judgment of the state with no consideration to affluence or class. The Athenians disqualified women, children, resident aliens, and slaves from political life, but the code of equal opportunity in the political population that they invented was the starting point of the contemporary thought of collective egalitarianism that flourished during the French Enlightenment.
The Funeral Oration was declared in a battle that was obviously going to persist for some time. Its principal function, even more significant than flattering the deceased, was to make clear why they had been correct to risk their lives and why the living should be willing to do likewise. The deceased armed forces' goal was to safeguard a Constitution and a way of life that was distinctive and commendable of sacrifice. ...
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