The Nomoramide the synthetic morphinomimetic drug project

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The 'painfree' i.e. Nomoramide the synthetic morphinomimetic drug project appears to be a very ambitious project for Alpex Pharma AG.


The 'painfree' project appears a rather 'painful' project. Potential of the drug Nomoramide (painfree) appears to be immense, as specialists as well as General Physicians are fully convinced and have echoed their support for the drug, but the major drawback in managing the project has been a lack of sound understanding and respect for the views different departments within the company.

Project management as such is a set of principles, practices, and techniques applied to lead project team and control project schedule, cost, and performance risks in order to in delight the customers. But in case of 'painfree' the end result appears to be resulting in a rather painful experience for the company as well as for the customers. The project appears successful to the extent that it succeeded in convincing the General Physicians and specialists about the usefulness of the drug. It generated lot of curiosity about the company and the product, which can go a long way in generating marketing potential for the company in the long run.

It appears the company has been able to make good use of its contacts in the regulatory and licensing departments of the governments in different countries, yet it appears at loggerheads with authorities like BGA for continuously ignoring the genuine concerns of the people, which is resulting in restriction of the use of the drug to the post-operational pain, in Europe. In US though the company appears to have convinced in regulatory authorities regarding the drug’s unrestricted acceptance with specialists and GPs able to prescribe it for pain relief. ...
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