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Marketing Communication Plan

(Varey 2002) It is a challenge because of the fact that every day newer modes of communication are being invented and more rapid to that is the accelerated rate of using these modes creatively. Those marketers who still rely solely on the traditional methods and deny any chances of creativity in the marketing communication, they are ultimately at a high risk, in most of the cases, of being left behind by the more creative marketing communication plans, which are capable of appealing the customers in more efficient manner, provided the claims in these communication plans are supported by the product availability and quality. (Taylor 2004) The knowledge society is not the only dimension that the marketers need to consider, rather there are multiple dimensions that need to be considered and duly taken care of while conceiving, developing and implementing the communication plan. These factors include the changing behaviours and preference of the target audience, the need of the product, availability of alternatives, communication plans of the competitors and so on. Thus it is imperative for the marketing communication planner to take into account all these factors while developing a marketing communication plan. (Hooley et. al 1984)
In the beginning, this plan will analyze the market situation with reference to the abovementioned products. ...
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Today's age is the age of information. We proudly use terms like 'knowledge society' or 'knowledge economy' to refer to our highly developed and rapidly advancing society. Today we have multiple modes of communication to access a variety of target audience effectively…
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