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An electronic mail is also sent to the customer as a further notification and security measure.
In a credit card transaction there are three stages to processing an order; namely, authentication of the card holder, authorization for the transaction from the card issuer, and eventually settlement by the card issuer with Amazon. Once the card issuer authorizes the transaction Amazon will send a confirmation to the customer. In a successful credit card transaction for an existing customer the following information assurance policies are embedded within Amazon's order processing system to safeguard customers, Amazon and the card issuer against the risk of identity theft:
This check prevents random entry of the correct number of digits and highlights any data entry mistakes by customers. It also allows the system to flag up suspicious behavior if the credit card has not been issued to someone with the given name at the given address.
The Card Verification Value 2 data is required to ensure that the both the card and the card account are valid. It is another layer of protection against fraudsters who perhaps have the card number and address details, but not the card itself.
Amazon's information assurance policies ensure that it does not collect any data from customers that is not required either to facilitate online transactions or to improve the quality of ...
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2. To facilitate the online order process of purchasing CDs Amazon has implemented SSL, Address Verification, Mod 10 Algorithm and Card Verification Value 2 to protect customers and itself from identity fraud. Card detail and address information is checked against its own records and again through directory services provided by its merchant processor.
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