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Marge Piercy's "Woman on the Edge of Time" is a futurist topic rather than feminist. The novel is written in 1976. After the difficulty of the protagonist Consuelo Ramos life in the mental institution, she discovers a world which tackles the year 2037 wherein experimentation to life is present and that motherhood is described as only a career by choice. It says in the novel that reproduction is controlled and a baby can only be born if someone in the society is died. ...
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The era when women are struggling for equality with men, "Herland" is written by feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman suggesting social reformation. Herland is a world of women and tackles the ideal place women could live wherein in the Herland civilization, women can definitely live without the presence of any man, that women are literally greater than men in men ways, a superior and dominant gender, can reproduce by means of asexual reproduction, and which gender and the ways human practically does are perfectly reversed in the story such as men having long hair while women has their hair short, strong nature of women physically and emotionally while men (Jeff and Van) has the description of …
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