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Current Trends in Hypnosis Therapy - Essay Example

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Hypnosis is difficult to define, but relentless researches on the theoretical basis of hypnosis and its practical applications have led to a consensus that although abstract in nature, it has a structural basis. There are debates among hypnotists as to its exact nature, and in the midst of this continuing debate, new theories have been proposed, and this has opened the arena of its application in the clinical practice, where hypnoanalytic approaches are increasingly being assumed to analyze the client, and depending on those, a combination of approaches in hypnotherapy is increasingly being used depending on the patients' conditions…

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Current Trends in Hypnosis Therapy

Current theories of hypnotherapy attempts to find out the neurological connections and alterations associated with it, and once the neurocognitive significance of such diseases would be elucidated, hypnotherapy, as expected, would perhaps get the status of treatment from its current status of adjunct to treatment. Current research calls for more extensive studies to develop specific criteria for development of management guidelines.
Introduction: It is difficult to define very precisely what hypnosis is, and on the face of very many different definitions, it can be defined as a temporary condition of altered perception in the subject which may be induced by another person and in which a variety of phenomena may appear spontaneously or in response to verbal or other stimuli. These include alterations in the consciousness of the subject and in his memory, may involve increased susceptibility to suggestion, and these may lead to production in the subject of responses or ideas that are familiar to him in the usual state of mind. ...
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