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Essay example - National Labor Relations Act

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A nation's economy apparently controlled by the pseudo-rich corporations can manipulate the law to ironically benefit them yet create a false sense of security among the labor sector. Employers were free to spy, interrogate, discipline, discharge and blacklist union members…

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For a while, the employees felt a sense of contentment with the recognition of their rights made through their unions only to be plunged ultimately by the assertion of the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947.
The labor law is defined comprising mainly on the elements of law, and in its entirety deals on the state policies on labor and employment. It' constituents are composed of the persons, individuals, labor organizations, partnerships, corporations to name a few. On the one hand, an employer may be an agent directly or indirectly of any institution government or not that utilizes the labor force in it's earning capacity. Karl Marx would have blatantly the employer as: "the capitalist".
Albeit a non-foolproof provision, the Act as a law considers it illegal for employers to exercise interference, restraint or coercion on a union's collective activity. The Act also prohibits domination and refusal of employers to bargain in good faith with union representatives. Illegality is also seen in cases where the employer retaliates for the filing of unfair-labor practices charge and the discrimination against employees who take part in union or any other collective activity.
Threats from employers against union members fall under the category of union-busting along with coercion, disciplinary actions, suspen ...
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