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Effect of IT Industry on Literacy

For example a manual may require at least a week with a man power of ten to fifteen people whereas when it comes to an automation the same work can be finished off within a day with an employee of one o two who knows how to operate it.
A number of examples can be cited where Information Technology has played a considerable role. We can take the banks before they were automated. There used to be a lot of difficulty and lot of time consumption for performing transactions. Cashing a check involved a lot of time as the balance had to be calculated manually. But Information Technology has revolutionized banking sectors. Any kind of transaction can be performed within seconds from creating an account to withdrawing cash. And the introduction of ATMs(Automated Teller machines) has made the work even much more simpler in which the user can take money whenever he or she likes and need nor carry the exact amount of money.
The IT industry has created a lot of opportunities as well in terms of employment and also with special incentives and packages which no other fields are offering. And also IT sector had a lot of influence of the education sector.
Computer education is being provided from early years of education itself. ...
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Information technology is defined precisely as the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer based information systems.(Information Technology, Wikipedia) It is a relatively new field in contrast to most other academic disciplines like electronics and it has become one of the fastest developing fields providing numerous opportunities.
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