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Marketing Changes

For launching a new Product or services we should keep concentration on following:
Proctor & Gamble offers coupon in Sunday paper for promoting sales their product. These coupons are basically made for giving discount on the purchase of proctor & Gamble products. For getting discount on the purchased product of proctor & gamble, one need to show the coupon or its equivalent like key ring. After collecting some coupons from Sunday papers, you will get a Key Ring. And when you go to grocery shop for purchasing some products of proctor & gamble, you show or give your key ring and get the equivalent discount on the product.
Second example of such type of marketing can be seen in marketing of the news papers. For that new paper offers one coupon in their daily edition, each coupon is given a serial number & they offer if you collect 45 coupons serially & stick them on a single form or paper and submit to new agencies, you may have chances for getting a gift may be a car, a bike, an oven etc. In this phenomenon news paper agency collects the form or paper containing 45 coupons and send it to the head office. In head office each form is given a unique number. After that head office declares date of Lucky draw. And in Lucky draw they pickup any number and then offer the gift to the customer.
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For launching a new product into the market, you need satisfied buyers whom you can use to promote the product's adoption by a wider audience. Companies who maintain a customer database today have some excellent tools available to permit a profitable launch of new products to their existing customers…
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