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This article was authored by Haslam and Draper and published in the Psychology, Health and Medicine in 2001. This article was selected as an example of qualitative study reflecting semi-structured interview in grounded theory design
Statement of Purpose: While the physical dependence on tobacco can be very strong, there are powerful social and psychological dues for smoking.


Study Methods: Simi-structured interviews were conducted with 40 pregnant women. There were 40 pregnant smokers attending antenatal clinic. These women were approached after their appointments and could refuse or consent. All but 2 consented. They were interviewed in private rooms. The age range of the sample was 15-35. All of the respondents were current smokers.
Key Findings: Respondent highlighted four factors in roughly equal proportion which were other smokers, lack of will-power, the physical and psychological addiction and being irritable. Most of the women focused on one main factor which is being in the presence of other smokers. They cited stress, coping with children, coffee breaks, boredom, socializing, relationship problems, and relaxing as reasons that made them smoke.
Introduction: This study looks at the psychosocial factors that that cause a continuing smoking habit in maternal smoking. 40 women were who generally attended the primary care clinic were permitted and included in the program
1. How rigorous and reliable is the evidence This study has strong implications for patient safety as well as the safety of her unborn child. The study is well supported by other studies, however the structure was not as rigorous as one might like and the participant size was small and from only one practice. ...
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