educational percptions of studying leisure and tourism

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Every student pursuing higher education may not be having clear answers to the question why they chose a particular course of a specific university, though they may be having their own dreams and aspirations for the future. Higher education has been criticized in the past for not preparing students to effectively manage the transition from education to work, and it is found that graduating students seek more career advice after completing their studies.


Research shows that "one reason why young people drop out of college and university is that they haven't chosen a subject that really interests them" (How can parents and careers help to make Vocational education and success 2007). For students within the age range of 14 to 19 understanding Applied Leisure and Tourism, and learning Leisure and Tourism, as a vocational curriculum, offers wider and attractive employment opportunity. Developing awareness and an understanding of general professional issues, in Leisure and Tourism, is crucial in vocational curriculum. Leisure and recreation management is a unique and expansive field for young aspirants of vocational education, which covers many sectors, including sport and fitness, adventure and outdoor tourism, wilderness and national park recreation, even and facility management, and community recreation. ...
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