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Tanning. Why do people still tan after knowing all the bad effects

Within the same era as that of Shakespeare, Elizabeth I passed away from white lead cosmetics. Such concept of beauty was also prevalent in Europe during much of the 18th and 19th centuries. This was because tanned skin signifies manual labor, of people who toil under the sun, the fair skinned people were regarded as the elite of the society.
However, it was only when the labor practice has changed, where indoor work had become a norm, that tanned skinned became a trademark of people who can afford to do it for leisure purposes. Iconic figure Coco Channel during the 1920's accidentally acquired a tan during one of her holidays. This has had ignited a fad among fair skinned people to get themselves tanned. ( Wikipedia )
The first and the most common is sunburn, where the usual symptoms are marked by the redness of skin and peeling that takes places after a few days of too much sun exposure. This is described to be as a short-term skin damage.
The next problem encountered is the premature aging or photoaging. ...
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It was beyond 400 years ago when Copernicus declared that the sun is the center of the Universe. It is evident throughout history that people had a special regard towards the sun. The Sumerians sun god Shamash, the Japanese, a sun goddess called Amarterasu, the Egyptian sun god Ra, and the monuments and temples and Mexico and Peru that honored the sun as well as to catch its rays are a few examples of the sun's significance among the human race…
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