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Essay example - Causal Reasoning

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Coming to a conclusion by just based on enumeration is childish and precarious. Inductive reasoning contains more than analogy. The reasoning that comes from relation ship between cause and effect is very powerful because it is fact. The relationship between cause and effect gives you the fact, which is powerful…

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The need of oxygen for fire is sufficient condition and that cannot be blamed for the disaster caused for the fire. The conditions prevailing and which are necessary sometimes act as the sufficient condition. Though not necessary some conditions act as sufficient conditions in negative manner. Smoking cigarette causes Cancer is one such instance. It does not mean that not smoking cigarette will prevent cancer. Similarly the different types of causes will come before us in certain circumstances. They can be termed as remote and proximate causes. The remote cause is the cause for proximate one. Actually the final proximate is the effect and the penultimate proximate is the cause for the final. The penultimate proximate is the effect when the more remote one is considered as cause. For instance, A causes B, B causes C, C causes D. Then D is the effect of cause C and C is the effect of cause B. A is remote than B, B is remote than C and vice versa.
Whether it is in everyday life or science the use of cause giving effect proposes a theory. We believe it when cause results in effect and we do not believe it if it fails to bring the effect. The assertion of universal proposition through a particular observation is inductive generalization. But when more than one attributes were present for more than one phenomenon then we take the help of analogy. ...
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