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Soccer and American Football

Football now reflects the basic, underlying cultural dynamics of contemporary America. Football is urban, it uses "educated" players, it is complex, specialized, violent and sexy. In football every second counts, as it does in America, where "time is money." These changes line up with the values people find in football. Baseball became irrelevant. Soccer provides people with an opportunity to let off steam, to get rid of tensions, to have pleasure. Thesis Soccer and the American football have many similarities in main rules and traditions which make both of them very popular among youth.
Both soccer and American football are favorite games of millions of people which bring satisfaction and raises team spirit. Like American football, soccer is an organized game that has become institutionalized. Soccer and American football are amazing: energetic and vigorous games. Soccer and American football are based on competition between two teams which involve 11 players each. In both cases, the aim of the game is score. In soccer, t he main equipment is a ball and goals. The soccer and American football ball has two-toned, black and white, markings. Thus, American football is ruled by six-tackle rule while soccer is subjected to the Laws of the Games. ...
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The popularity and development of the football industry is a result of multiple factors and events which had an impact on football fans and proliferation of facts. In general, the popularity of football has a "historical" factor dealing with changes that have taken place in global football fans culture and social changes on the American continent at the present time…
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