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The study of Society - Essay Example

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The study of Society

For example, carnivorous animal like tiger or lion dependents on the annihilation of its prey like deer or rabbit for survival. The deer and rabbit themselves depend on living vegetation for food and survival.
These situations are part and parcel of our daily lives. Hence, it escapes our notice and attention for major part of our lives. They have been so prevalent and ingrained as a phenomenon that we have failed to sufficiently go into the underlying forces and factors that influence them. It is not that attempts were not made. Biology as a branch of science has emerged because of the curiosity about various life cycles and their influences on environment as a whole.
The study of biology and environment provides rich insight into their various forms, forces and marvels on micro and macro scales. From the budding of a flower to the formation of thunder, lightning, and volcanic eruptions, this world is one example of the vast terrain of greenery and marine life that hides innumerable volumes of destruction and glory biology and environment have witnessed. (Judith Lorber).
The genetics of living objects and their mutability is currently one of the most modern branches of science. Genetics help in mapping pre-historic existence, DNA, deeper understanding of organisms, etc.
Generally, the existence of biology is assured through the cycles of births and deaths, pollination, and other factors. We are aware the earth is no more home to gigantic and monstrous dinosaurs and theriomorpha simply because of its inability to sustain these. Other forms of life are also becoming extinct due to man's inroads into the domain of flora and fauna, causing conflicts heavily one-sided in favor of man. The intrusion of man into natural resources like gas, oil and metal is also causing environmental hazards inimical to biology. (Will H. Courtenay).
At present, it is premature to decisively conclude biology's role in shaping destiny. Nevertheless, it is difficult to think in terms of destiny without biology. From microbes to plants, animals and humans, biology overwhelmingly dominates the physical framework of living objects. However, there is no evidence to state with confidence that biology has the capability to metamorphose and consequently shape destiny.

II. Marx's views to contemporary period
The working pattern and culture have changed radically over the past few decades. The changes have been driven mainly due to rapid advancements made in technology during this period, globalization, and the internet. The new pattern brought along changes and transformations from the organizational to individual levels. It metamorphosed the organizational hierarchy, improved efficiency, shook the mandarins of power, and weakened the trade unions.
The information age following closely on the heels of the electronic era did much to advance the causes espoused by the manifesto of the communist party. On the demographical scale, the gap between the bourgeois and the proletariat increased, the rich and poor divide widened, the illiterate class felt the pangs of lacking in education, and prompted those with poor knowledge of the English language to quickly learn ...Show more


The notion that biology has anything to do with destiny has existed since the formation of biology. This notion begets the question: when and where did biology begin Did it begin with creation Did it evolve How is it linked with the present day and where is it headed The answers are as complex as the questions…
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The study of Society essay example
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