Planning For Clarity (Language Learning)

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The strategy of first language use to teach another language necessarily involves a high degree of interactions and applications. Daily session of interactive learning enable students to quickly and confidently grasp lessons taught, and increases the quantum of learning.


The second step has the students interacting with each other while the tutor monitors this session like a referee.
The first step when the tutor engages in teaching and interacting the students find an opportunity to loosen their guards from inhibitive apprehensions and become responsive. This is the time when the tutor holds the fort teaching and instructing, questioning and gingerly allowing students to respond to queries. The tutor/students interactions may begin with the tutor allowing students 10% of the time to answer questions. The tutor may then increase the number of questions and gradually extend the question/answers hour to 90%, transferring the session to the second step when the students begin interacting with each other using study material and discussions.
It is crucially important to organize the interaction sessions with content rich and well designed study material so that the students get exposure to language learning resources. These study material must be condensed and balanced so that the contents appear neither inadequate nor cluttered. The class must be divided into 3 or 4 groups to allow for group discussions and preparation before the final competition. (Judy Haynes)
The SIOP strategy invokes use of first language in the learning process of the second language. ...
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