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Impact of WorkLife Balance on Job Stress - Other types Example

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Work- life balance is one of the major issues in today’s corporate world. There are many theories into horizon to discuss and resolve these issues. Survey has been done in Saudi organization called Saudi Aramco to check the utility and validity of theory…

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Impact of WorkLife Balance on Job Stress

Maclnnes, 1987 and Pollert, 1988 says that flexibility is only one managerial concern and it cannot be abstracted from its other areas of goal and interest. Core and peripheral framework of work division allows company to use the part-time labour and increase its functional flexibility.
The overall conclusion from the survey of Saudi Aramco is that they haven’t explicitly and comprehensively reorganized their work force on a flexible basis. Consistent with argument developed in Godard (1991), these considerations vary in accordance with three sets of structural variables: size, technology and market conditions. Flexible model looks more appropriate for large corporations instead of small organisations as their employee consciousness is generally more problematic because of alienating effects of size. Second flexible practices is more appropriate in capital intensive corporations because they have uncertain and complex technologies requiring high levels of formal and informal training. They also employ advance process production technique. Also flexible practices are more likely to affect the firms producing essential goods and services with a high degree of capital and they are operating in concentrated markets.
As Godard concluded that to argue that size, technology and market conditions determine the extent to which it is rational for management to adopt flexible practices is not to suggest that they rigidly determine variation in these practices. It left to suggest, however, that failure to adopt the flexibility paradigm and not reflect mistaken strategic choices as much as it does cost-benefit considerations consistent with the rational pursuit of profit: considerations which vary in accordance with structural variables. ...
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