Martin Luther and the 95 Theses

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When the history of western civilization is written and the discourse revolves around the single most influential human being of the past 1,000 years, Johan Gutenberg is very often the final choice due to the omnipresence of the written word. An equal argument could be made in favor of Martin Luther, however.


The darkness that spread across the world with as the shadow of the Papacy's unremitting reluctance to accept scientific progression turned western civilization from the cradle of knowledge into a place where minds like Aristotle and Galileo were placed into submission behind adherence to religious beliefs at odds with facts and evidence. The importance of Martin Luther to contemporary civilization therefore rests upon the genuinely frightening concept of what the world might look like had he not hammered a nail into the unquestioned authority of the Church.
The spark that lit the wick that would result in the explosion known as the Protestant Reformation can be traced back to a single spring day in 1517. What occurred on the day was nothing that had not been duplicated countless times before and after; the manner in which forces converged to implicate the actions of that day with an importance beyond their scope may be taken according to one's own perspective as either a sign of God working in His mysterious ways or as an example of the mystery of social evolution. ...
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