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Global Warming - Speech or Presentation Example

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A report scheduled to be released by the United Nations (UN) in May of 2007 reports that global warming is on track to increase the surface temperature of Earth by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by century end. A few degrees may appear to be insignificant. You may even be thinking to yourself, I wouldn't mind it being a little warmer…

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Global Warming

Our Earth is a finely balanced miracle of nature. Changes in one area create a ripple effect which touches each of us. Glacier thaws increase sea levels. Warming directly impacts weather patterns which affects every facet of nature: plant growth, species survival, and water resources to name a few.
I would rather say there are many here who would still think global warming will not affect them much. Take a moment and consider what it would be like to walk outside and not hear a songbird singing or on a larger scale think about turning on your tap to get a drink of water and there is none or going to the grocery store only to find shortages of staples because of drought.
Today I want to speak with you about Global Warming by first explaining briefly what it is, how it is measured and what affect it has upon our world. We'll briefly discuss how the earth's temperature and other weather conditions have been negatively impacted by the effects of global warming. And at last, I will explain simple steps we can all take to reduce the effects of Global Warming.
In order to understand the magnitude of the problems associated with Global Warming, we first need to understand exactly what it is. ...
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