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New Beginnings: The Right Road, The Right Time

I took the first steps into an unfamiliar yet brighter future, a world of greater hope and the opportunity of new beginnings.
Returning to college after being out of high school for a long period of time caused me to stop and consider if I was academically prepared. High school seniors today seem so much brighter than they did when I graduated. I had to come to grips with the fact that I might not be able to recall my math education. I worried that my science training might be obsolete. However, I did have the advantage of knowing that my history course would cover what I had previously studied as current events. My family and friends were quick to remind me that it had not been that long and assured me that learning was just like riding a bicycle. I made my decision with the hope that I wouldn't get to class only to find my bicycle had flat tires.
The years I have spent working in the general economy will benefit me in numerous ways in college. I have been exposed to business and have a common business sense that others would consider a well-studied knowledge. I've been able to acquire proficient computer skills and get over any fear of learning new applications or trying new programs. ...
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I struggled with my decision to return to school for months before reaching a conclusion that I felt secure in. Every time I would consider my opportunities and alternatives, I would face more questions. Would I be able to do the work Would it be of any benefit to me Was I making the right decision These questions would swirl around my head with ever-changing answers in a continual state of chaos…
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