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summary and critical analysis of journal article

The tourists have direct contact with the tourist Guide .The tourist Guides assures those who hesitate to walk on the grave could always avoid it.
In Savannah the dead were buried beyond the city limits, there the tour begins, the tourists have got chance to know about the dead people; Halloween company is good for ghost walk tour. In Savannah they have created different type of tourism where people come know the economy, geography and sociological importance." As different tourist attractions and cities increasingly compete with each other to attract tourists, the need to present the tourists with more spectacular, exotic, and titillating attractions increases."(Gotham 2002, 1737) Savannah has invested heavily into ghost tourism development and the use of murder, tragedy, and mystery as marketing tools.
Ghost walk tours are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional tourism activities. These tourists companies appoint guides who take them by walk through sections of a city, telling stories of supernatural and macabre events believed to have occurred at sites along the way. ...
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3. Open-ended survey, in these 411 tourists groups, consisting of 1,089 individuals interviewed. Participants from four different walking ghost tours companies were surveyed, over six nights; three in July 2003 and three nights over Halloween weekend of the same year.
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