The American Colonization

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The first of the series of events that caused the American Revolution was the passage of the Stamp Act by the British Parliament. These outraged the Americans for they were not given representation on the matter. Different resistances to the new law intensified.


A few years later, the parliament passed the Tea Act to save the East Indian Company from bankruptcy. It removed all the duties on tea exported by the British thus giving them undue advantage over other exported tea to America. On the day, the first shipments of the tea arrived in Boston, three members of the Sons of Liberty dressed as Indians boarded the ships and threw all the tea into the sea later known as the Boston Tea Party.
For the first time, leaders of the twelve colonies, excluding Georgia met in Philadelphia and convened the First Continental Congress to create a single unified stand and response to the laws and policies passed by the British Parliament. Through the congress, they filed a petition called the Declaration of Rights and Grievances to the British king.
At the height of the revolution, all of the thirteen colonies convened again as Second Continental Congress. An Anglo-American philosopher in the name of Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet entitled "Common Sense" and asked whether "a continent should be ruled by an island". Only a few Loyalist Americans then were ready and willing to defend Great Britain. This was due to the continuing clashes between the Patriots and British troops. The Patriots then were the primary army who are fighting against the British. ...
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