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A Clear Chapter by Chapter Synopsis of "The President as Leader" by Erwin C. Hargrove - Essay Example

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Following a distinguished career as a scholar f the American presidency, Erwin C. Hargrove in The President as Leader offers his capstone appraisal f presidential leadership. …

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A Clear Chapter by Chapter Synopsis of "The President as Leader" by Erwin C. Hargrove

Case studies οf real-life leaders help clarify Hargrove's complex model: Franklin Roosevelt, whom Hargrove regards as the model modern president because he used rhetoric to gain support for such significant policies as social security and an end to isolationism; Lyndon Johnson, who, although he inspired the public on civil rights, was frustrated by Vietnam because οf his obsession with control; and Ronald Reagan, who connected with the public on values but faltered because he failed to verify the accuracy οf his rhetoric. Primarily οf interest to political scientists, the book is recommended for larger public and academic presidential studies collections.The chapter one of the book, Power and Purpose in Political Leadership, Hargrove defines characteristics of political leadership. As the title suggest, the chapter discusses as examples powers used by some American presidents. Hargrove argues that Carter's approach eschewed political advantage as a criterion for formulating policy, but that compromise might be necessary. The second chapter, Conceptions of Leadership, explains leadership qualities. The power οf the policy to sustain itself is strengthened by comprehensiveness, which implies a long-term view rather than a quick fix.
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