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Assessment of English Language Learners

11). Analysis of our data, for example, showed that elementary children were instructed during the week for an average of twenty-two and a half hours.
Student involved classroom assessment is an alternative tool of assessment based on: "student involvement in the assessment process, student-involved record keeping, and student-involved communication" (Stiggins and Chappuis 2005, p. 12). Student-involved classroom assessment ensures that student's achievements are objectively assessed and analyzed by a teacher. Students can be guided toward a real, active respect for an interest in education, extending from secondary education through college and beyond. Apart from narrow educational norms and emphases, other personal characteristics are important for the growth of such a positive outlook. These include a real feeling of self-discipline, understanding of and respect for art and other intellectual achievements of human society, an interest in physical and mental health, and in sound relationships with others, and a sensible perspective on the value and use of leisure.
Student-involved record keeping allows students to monitor their achievements and improve them immediately. This assessment tool motivates students to pay more attention to their educational achievements. ...
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Assessment is one of the main tools which help educators to evaluate and assess skills and knowledge of students, their learning abilities and learning progress. Thus, traditional testing has many drawbacks and limitations which prevent educators and students from objective analysis and assessment of their skills and knowledge…
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