The Journey Through the River Valley of Manaus - the aim of the poem

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This is the process of how I created my poem. The aim of this poem, The Journey Through the River Valley of Manaus, was to tell a humorous story, primarily, although, that was not the only one. I also wrote to entertain, as well as for personal enjoyment, because I happened to enjoy writing this particular piece.


I think, technically, this poem is the best that I am capable of doing as far as rhyme, imagery, and voice are concerned. I could probably do better as far as metre were concerned if I were classically trained in writing Shakespearean quatrains, but alas, I have not the discipline or interest in writing such a poem frought in tedium. I know that must sound horribly cold and disrespectful to Shakespeare and those who appreciate his work, as do I, but I don't care to try to attempt something I know I'm not good at. I believe this poem is generally free of commonplace and hackneyed images, save for perhaps the mention of Christopher Columbus. I know he is mentioned in quite a few poems. Perhaps he is considered an unnecessary abstraction, I'm not sure. I meant the Columbus reference only as an aside to demonstrate an example of people having gone on journeys, and I thought Columbus was particularly cogent to use since he had traveled to Latin America before. I don't think I've used any unnecessary inversions in the poem, or at least, if I have they are minimally invasive. I tried not to overload the poem with too many adjectives. If I have, that is my fault and my fault alone. ...
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