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Laplaces Conceptions of Spiritual Counseling

In the words of Jean LaPlace from the 1975 book “Preparing for spiritual direction”, spiritual direction is defined as “the help one person gives another in assisting her to become herself in the faith.” This unbiased perspective of what is the role that God plays in each human’s heart (which is same, and nuclear) is what makes “Preparing for spiritual direction” such a great book, not just for future spiritual counselors, but actually for anyone who wants to understand his own conscience; similarly, it’s not just a good book for people who practice Christianity, but for any member of any religion, since it aims for an universal conception of God; Creeds are but perspectives, and despite the existence of many branches, the source is but One; and the source is within each man’s heart. A counselor is someone who has come to terms with his own heart, which grants him the ability to make fellow humans come to terms with theirs. The book is a clear and practical guide to assist any priest in offering counseling and spiritual direction. It’s structured in five parts, which reflect the progression that must be undertaken by anyone who wishes to be a spiritual director. ...
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As much as man progresses outwardly, it is only inside that he can realize himself. It is only in his innermost silence that anyone can understand his relationship with God. …
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