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The Impact of the Bridge between Vancouver and Vancouver Island - Essay Example

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Many would argue that the addition of a bridge connecting Vancouver Island and Vancouver, British Columbia, could bring only good to that area. Many island residents disagree with that conclusion. The distance between the two areas may make any proposal for a bridge cost prohibitive…

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The Impact of the Bridge between Vancouver and Vancouver Island

There is current debate about whether or not to build a bridge to Vancouver Island, British Columbia (BC) and the mainland. Many arguments for, and against, exist. Some believe that a bridge to Vancouver Island with provide an economic boost to the surrounding area. Others believe that a bridge to the island will lead to destruction of the pristine nature of the island.
The proposed bridge is compared to the bridge built connecting Prince Edward Island and the eastern mainland of Canada (New Brunswick). Feasibility studies give a grim picture of the work required, and funds needed, to construct a bridge over the Georgia Strait. Many believe that the cost of the project would outweigh any economic gain to the Island and the mainland.
Vancouver Island is serviced by an airport at Nanaimo where customers can fly to and from the mainland airports located at Victoria (southern tip of Vancouver Island) and Vancouver BC. Ferry service to the island consists of four routes:
Ferry service to the island can take more than 1 hours to cross the 26 Kilometer wide Georgia Strait and cost up to $60 per car. A proposed bridge would run from Vancouver Island to the Vancouver area on the Mainland.
Studies conducted in the 1980's examined the feasibility of building a fixed link (bridge) connecting Vancouver Island with Vancouver on the Mainland. ...
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