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Sociology - Australia

Although this change is noticeable and indicates that Australia is edging towards greater gender equality in work and family, this balance is not in proportion in either sphere and appears to result in women taking on more responsibility in both domains, this 'double shift' is quickly becoming the norm.
There have been major changes in working life since industrialism penetrated Australia. One of the initial main changes has been a shift in attitudes towards work. In pre industrial societies the attitudes of workers towards their task was significantly different to that of modern day. Early societies displayed attitudes that reflected the Protestant ethic. Workers had a holistic view of their role, they believed that work was necessary to achieve harmony between mind/body and the external world, thus, they needed work to feel complete (Carroll, 1998:13-15). Workers were able to derive immense pleasure and satisfaction from their working life. ...
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Many Australian institutions have undergone significant changes, work and family, in particular, have been forced to alter dramatically to cope with the demands of modernity. The aim of this essay is twofold; how are the roles of men and women adapting to changes in work and family life in Australia And are we moving towards more gender equality in the balance between work and family, or something else The major changes examined here are attitudes to work and family, the creation of new occupational categories and how this facilitated greater female participation in the workforce…
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