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Essay example - Madrid

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Global city refers to one which is interconnected with other bigger cities representing a centre or network.1 These global cities are recognized as playing a major role in global communication marked with high access to telecommunication, information and transportation networks.2 One of these global cities is Madrid, the capital of Spain and located in geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula at latitude of 40 degrees 25 minutes North, 3 degrees 42 minutes West…

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Despite the exponential growth of Madrid as a global city in the world, there exist severe social issues such as social inequality, socio-economic distinction, unemployment, educational differences and gender discrimination etc. The extent of social inequities and uneven development in Madrid is depicted by high suicide rate. Men attempt and commit suicide at a rate higher than women in the city. According to a survey conducted in 1996-97, there were 135 people who committed suicide in which 105 were men and 30 were women.4 In the year 2005, the number of men and women who committed suicide rose significantly to 1,585 and 642 respectively.5 The mortality rate between men and women are different. The differences in suicide rate among men and women can also be explained with the help of distinctions in educational level and socio economic conditions. Out of all the men committing suicide in Madrid, about 63% of men belonged to lower secondary education group. This rate is slightly higher in women, which is 73% at the same educational level. ...
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