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Operations managers must coordinate quality and productivity measurement systems so that they offer valid comparisons from plant to plant. The measurement system should include a number of appropriate measurements, all focused on the quality of the product or service, and the input of the work force in accomplishing total output.


The focus must shift from the product to the process that makes the product by eliminating the causes of defects and reducing variance. The process of improving a product requires an educated and motivated workforce willing to originate and offer suggestions. Workers can no longer be considered an extension of a machine. This fundamental change in attitude toward workers requires top management commitment. Management support for continuous improvement cannot simply be voiced at a meeting or written in a mission statement. To achieve quality, managers at all levels must exert leadership to guide employee activities and create a corporate culture conducive to improving quality and productivity. Continuous improvement must be backed by the necessary funds, be permanently ingrained in the corporate culture, and involve the entire organization. A significant investment has to be made in training. Companies that have taken these steps are prospering on a global scale; those that haven't are lucky to be alive. This transformation of corporate culture from inspection for defects to a commitment to provide consumers with quality products and services is the result of the work of thousands of executives and operations managers who choose, willingly or not, to follow the teachings of the quality gurus.
Up to 1990 TQM was both sufficient and necessary to as ...
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