Organizing Function of Management

Case Study
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FedEx Kinko's is the chain of stores that offers various services to its clients. These services include that of printing, photocopying, and binding services. The major clientele of FedEx Kinko's are small home offices and small home businesses. Some of the centres of FedEx Kinko's also provide the services of video conferencing.


Managers distribute responsibility and authority to job holders in this function of management"
The physical resources contribute to the greatest part of the balance sheets of the FedEx Kinko's Inc. Thus, the physical resources must be organized carefully. The division of those resources must be planned, coordinated and above all, inline with the organizational goals of efficiency and effectiveness without compromising the customer satisfaction.
In the words of their ex Chief Executive Officer, the centre of FedEx Kinko's are organized in the pattern of hub and spoke. Just like all the spokes are connected through each other using the hub, likewise, in a region, all the braches are connected through a 'hub'. These branches, each being the integral part of the network, work in close coordination with the hub to form the setup in totality. Hub locations are opened round the clock and have greater domain of services to offer, thus containing greater number of products, services and equipments. Spokes, the local branches, offer self-serving and full-serving capabilities, but forward higher-volumes to hubs for over-night or specialized production. ...
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