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School Strategies and College Linking Process - Essay Example

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High school
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In order to find out the relationship between the strategies that high schools use to facilitate college enrollment and students' postsecondary outcomes, the author used data from the High School Effectiveness Study (HSES), which was conducted in conjunction with the first and second follow-ups of the National Education Longitudinal Study (NELS: 88-94)…

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School Strategies and College Linking Process

The sample of NELS: 88 students in each high school were augmented to create a representative sample of students for each school in HSES.
The study presented is based on the conceptual framework established in the literature that suggests that school resource structures and norms for facilitating college transitions are an important mechanism through which schools influence college enrollment. Moreover, this mechanism reflects distinctive school strategies that have implication for stratification. Using a large sample of high schools and multiple analytic methods, the analysis specifies a typology of college linking strategies and models their effects on college enrollment, with particular attention to how these effects may differ for disadvantaged students. In this way, the analysis offers an empirical extension of the literature that seeks to shed new light on the nature of stratification among high schools and its implications for students and its implications for students from different racial/ ethnic and socioeconomic status (SES) groups. ...
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