The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe

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The Cask of Amontillado is a short story published in 1846. Set in a nameless city in an unspecified year it is based on the narrator who seeks to take revenge from a friend. The plot is based on the murderer's perspective and is of a person being buried alive.


This story is not about the investigation or detection. The murderer Montresor narrates the murder himself. The first intriguing bit in this poem is the poet's inability to explain the reason behind his actions. The mystery in this entire poem is the reason behind the murder. The reader is left to judge the motives behind the killer's moves. Except for the phrase "the thousand injuries" and "insult", there seems to be no probable cause to the writer's anger. Thus, the narrator tries to win over the audience from the very beginning; it is with this idea that the author is bound on setting bait to trap his victim after which he will take his revenge. However, the reader is unable to get a clear picture of what wrong has been done to Montresor.
By luring Fortunato who is a connoisseur of wine "in the matter of old wines he was sincere", Montresor claims to have found a pipe of Amontillado which has a rare and valuable sherry. The odd thing about the connoisseur's behavior is how easily he becomes drunk. Not only that but he is drunk enough to be incapable of recognizing De Grave "He emptied it at a breath" which seems to be a strange way for an appreciator of fine wine to treat such a vintage. At this point, Fortunato seems more like an alcoholic than a wine expert.
The short story is very biased in most aspects. Monstresor presents his own perspective and prevents the reader from truly knowing anything about the other character in the poem. ...
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