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For Tesco's proposed retail outlets in India, Better Comm. designing studio has a proposal that will ensure consistency of design all over the country while ensuring efficient and smooth operations. Better Comm. has long met the needs of the retail industries through it's full-fledged design solutions that ensure world class design templates.


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Cost summary-The cost of the project will be on a contractible basis that can be renewed every 6 months to ensure that we remain on our toes and meet your expectations. By offering you maximum cost affectivity we will save both time and money to ensure profitability and high visibility vis--vis the competition. Our fees collectible at the end of the six months will amount to Rs. 10,00,000 Lakhs
Strengths-The proposed project will ensure smooth and consistent operations while offering Tesco a window to the unique culture of India. While the centralized studio offers all the expertise as well as sophisticated equipment; satellite studios will localize the sales pitch by catering to regional variations. By uploading design templates, the centralized studio will ensure packaging design excellence. Satellite studios will have
easy access to the design templates by downloading them thus saving time and ensuring ease of operations. Satellite studios will adapt seasonal promotions to the local festivals like 'Pongal'in Tamilnadu, 'Diwali' in the north and 'Navratri' in the east- so that Tesco can tune profitably into the shopping season's of the country. ...
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