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BHS 499 (Senior Capstone Project) Module 4 CBT - Essay Example

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The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) have synthesized issues and concerns related to nursing faculty shortage, and these issues and concerns were published in Association's Journal on February of 2007.
Let it be underscored and elaborated in this paper that the problem about low recruitment and retention among qualified nursing faculty; whose responsibility is primarily to provide ideal and competent health care providers in the field of nursing for the near future…

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BHS 499 (Senior Capstone Project) Module 4 CBT

Are there any solutions to the above-mentioned problems Are some of the solutions already implemented Or are the implemented programs for it working These are some of the questions which require honest evaluations and can be answered by the facts below.
Hospitals and other related agencies have fortunately identified significant elements crucial to the health as well as well being in work environment of a nurse, at the same time, the security and safety of the health care delivery system. According to Buerhaus, Donelan, Ulrich, Norman, & Dittus (2008), the said elements were identified based on the 2002 and 2004 surveys conducted and further disclosed that there are several positive changes in the work environment
of nurses that have occurred and resulted in decreased overtime and stress, heightened job and career satisfaction and has improved relationships among nurses. ...
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