Introduction to Human Diseases

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Immunodeficiency is a condition that leaves human beings susceptible to infection by natural defect of the immune system or by viral infections like AIDS (Leksmono, 2008). Since the 1980s, the human immune system has been facing an unprecedented challenge from the deadly killer - Human Immunodeficiency Virus /Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome and this virus has succeeded in wiping out millions of people, globally.


Though much ground has been covered in past fifteen years, scientists are yet to find a complete cure and the incidence of the HIV/AIDS has increased manifold in the UK. Therefore it is imperative to educate oneself regarding this virus, and actively prevent its spread. This essay shall briefly sketch the nature of the virus, and the ways in which it virus works to defeat the human immune system, and study some of the factors that have lead to the spread of the disease in the UK over the last twenty five years using charts and graphs to illustrate the trend. The essay shall also delineate the stigma and discrimination suffered by the afflicted, and shall suggest some measures to stem the spread of the disease. The process envisages shedding more light on the importance of immunology.
A healthy human body has a host of defence mechanisms in readiness. The immune system wards away infection through a series of cellular and chemical reactions. Leukocytes or the white blood corpuscles with all its various components, is the principle defender in the immune mechanism. ...
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