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Essay example - Legalization of Marijuana

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At the beginning of the 21st century, legalization of marijuana is one of topical questions discussed in media and political circles. The main problem with legalization of marijuana is that it is not difficult to justify laws against intoxication, at least intoxication in public, but it is extremely difficult to control consumption and risky behavior caused by drug users…

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Several decades of prohibition of marijuana proves that its illegal status does not work, so the state should legalize drugs and instead teach people to use them responsibly and properly.
Legal status of marihuana will benefit the society and the state as it will solve the problem of criminal responsibility and black market operations. Medical marijuana is a point to consider. Some states have legalized medical usage of marijuana and do not panelize patients who have a doctor's recommendation. These states are .Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, California, Hawaii, Maine, Washington, Nevada, Oregon and Maryland. In the case of marijuana, especially of smoked marijuana, the scientific difficulties are compounded by the fact that the substance has a recognizable psychoactive effect (Belio 2007). A herbal mixture similar in taste and aroma to marijuana might not produce the psychoactive effect and make many of those who are test subjects reasonably sure they are not receiving actual marijuana, which could skew perceptions and the results of any test. On the other hand, the main problem is that politicians and moralists speak about two opposite issues: medical usage of marijuana and its legal status. ...
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