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Essay example - Orientalism and Multiculturalism

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For thousands of years, man in his lifetime has secured methods and behavior that relate with others in his own social group based on his own experiences and structure in his society. His varying degrees of adaptation in his own natural environment spurred distinct identification that has created a global community of complex and diverse personalities…

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Certain groups whose aims are equitable with greed and power develop means to create an inferior group and attempts to uplift their in their own context an "acceptable behavior". As efforts to conquer other nations and discover communities beyond one's own reached its peak, colonialism reached its height that further extended the gap between people of different cultures. The East-West contrast soon evolved that transformed relativistic emphasis as a means to identify cultural similarities and differences with regard to local region and culture.
Technological advancement has pushed critical viewpoints that greatly sensationalized views of dominion and submission; of the perpetrator and victimization creating political issues concurrently escalating in present day conflicts. Societal mechanisms that involved racism has been used and probably politically and culturally abused to blame the West for the existence of discrimination and to integrate cultures to fight for their supreme right. These changes brought about by globalization in the 19th century has identified exotic stereotyping of cultural behavior that has often associated the West with their classical views that Said (1980) exposed in a critique as an affront against other minority cultures.
The Eastern side has also criticized Western values that are often associated with materialism where Said criticized ...
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