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Alternative Solutions Analysis

Following are three alternative solutions to the problem identified by the management and employees of Carriage Enterprises, Inc. A task force is in place and will meet to determine which solution will be implemented as the primary plan. Implementation of the plan will require management and direct reports to cooperate and accept the necessary changes for growth and productivity.
The management at of Carriage Enterprises, Inc. would like to issue a formal apology to the candidates involved in the hiring misunderstanding. Management does however, understands that an executive management position requires the chosen candidate to possess certain expertise in place usually before the position is given. In this case, management and the chosen candidate both employed recognized that more training in various departments would be necessary, to maintain the position. Therefore, Aa management mentor will work very closely with the individual to strengthen those needednecessary skills in the areas of communication, incentives and public relations.
This situation has afforded management provided the opportunity to make rightcorrect the wrong harm done to those employees directly affected by the decision. ...
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community or an organization. A leader can not be effective without learning the art of problem-solving and decision-making. Often, the decisions a manager must make are not unpopular with subordinate staff. In addition to the often difficult task of decision-making, once the decisions are made, a plan and an implementation method needs to be developed.
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