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Foot problems are an important cause of morbidity in-patients with diabetes. Both vascular and neurologic disease contributes to this problem. These individuals are predisposed to foot infections because of a compromised vascular supply. These occur in setting of good dorsalis pulse.


Therefore, imaging presentation will vary due to lack of specificity in complex clinical circumstances. This should only be ordered to confirm a suspected diagnosis and direct patient management.
A simple definition of diabetes is a disorder of metabolism. It is a serious disease that can be developed from lack of insulin production in the body. Most of the food we eat is broken into glucose. This glucose is the form of sugar and the main fuel of the body. Glucose passes into the bloodstream where it is used for the growth and energy. Insulin must be present in order for the glucose gets into the cells. It is a hormone produced by pancreas gland that helps the process of food we eat and turn it into energy.
The symptoms of diabetes may begin gradually and can be hard to identify first. These may include feeling tired or ill, slow healing of infections and genital itching. When there is extra sugar in blood, one way the body gets rid of it is through frequent urination. This loss of fluid in the body causes extreme thirst.
According to Burke A. Cunha diabetes often goes undiagnosed because of it's harmless symptoms like frequent urination, excessive thirst, extreme hunger, irritability and blurry vision. Complications can be associated with diabetes. ...
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