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Case Study
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Introduction: This is care study related to a patient whose identity will remain undisclosed for confidentiality and ethical reasons. For the purpose of this work of care analysis, her case will be taken, and she has been nicknamed Patricia. In this work, she will be referred to as Pat.


She has been diagnosed with manic depression. Over the top of it, she has been suffering from complex partial seizures. For all these reasons, she has been on medications. Recently she has gained a lot of weight, and for her, this obesity may end up causing type 2 diabetes. She has a belief that her medications are real culprit for such things (Marshall, McConkey, and Moore, 2003, 147-153). She has been in a semi-supported accommodation in her own bedsit in Middlesbrough for last 2 years prior to her stay at a share house with people with learning disabilities in a more rural setting. Pat is pretty social and has made many friends. For example, her friend Mary from her previous share house accommodation had been pretty close to her, and they used to be in touch and with regular visits from both ends. Currently, Mary has been hospitalized for terminal cancer, and Pat has been unhappy about that. It seems Pat likes to make friend with people, and she enjoys her stay at the bedsit due to the company with the friends she had made. Pat's medical condition precludes her to have any job or to have any other regular activities. While she is in a relationship with Jim, another tenant in her bedsit, she would like to have Jim's company all the time, she feels bored staying at one place all the time, and this has created conflicts and problems in the relationship. ...
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