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Special educational needs refer to gaps between a child's level of behaviour or achievement and the academic/learning requirements.This Paper discusses all the issues arising from such a learning "disability" and how these affect the normal sequences of the SEN children with in the normal areas of behaviour like motor, language, self-help and other aspects of performance and behaviour.The Paper recognises the need for a combined national curriculum for SEN pupils and pupils who do not have learning impediments…

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This conclusion is reached based on the observation of children and their teachers in a primary school from levels 1-6 as well as the concerns of the SENCO.It was found that there were wide gaps in the theory and practice of SEN teachers as apparent from the discrepancies from their interviews and what the author had a chance to observe later on.Other issues that arise in the discussion is the difficult task faced by the primary schools as they come to terms with the effective management of the special educational needs struggling from funding problems and parental expectations. The paper recommends that either there should be a return to the formerly segregated learning techniques or home teaching or there should be better initiatives to promote the development of flexible training modules which are designed to be practical and relevant for primary schools. Such training facilities would require the collaboration between the primary teachers , LEA staff and local training providers.
The past two decades have been pivotal to the change in the ways in which the local Education Authorities and schools have been required to respond to pupils with special educational needs (SEN). ...
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