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Essay example - Methods Of Research

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In Project situation 1, Horton used a single case study. Single case study is used because there is only one respondent and she is classified as mentally impaired eight-year-old girl. Another reason is, it is more of behavior in which it is more of case study especially if pertaining to one or more person.

Extract of sample

Horton found out that the treatment was effective in helping the girl to stop her spoon banging behavior (Interpreting, and Draw conclusion)
In Project situation 2, Latane & Bidwell used observational method of research. Observational research method was used because Latane & Bidwell observed the number of students who entered the college cafeteria accompanied by student or with out company, and determined the gender differences in need for affiliation.
In this project situation Latane & Bidwell determined the gender differences in need for affiliation (Identify the problem, and Gather and observing data). In this situation, Latane & Bidwell decided to prove if females need to have greater affiliation than male students (Formulating Hypothesis and testing the hypothesis). Latane & Bidwell found out that females were significantly more likely than males to be in the presence of another person when entering the cafeteria. (Interpreting, and Draw conclusion)
This study basically focused on the number of students who entered in college cafeteria with accompanied student or with out accompanied student by gender. This study was also delimited to one school only.
The researcher used correlational research method. ...
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