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The author felt that choosing different organization in different industries and different sectors would give a good cross sectional overview for the report.
According to the findings of the study it was apparent that depending on the type of the organization, marketing assistants were required to carry out many different tasks ranging from marketing planning, corporate communications and advertising copy writing.
Based on the findings of the study and the author's knowledge, skills and abilities a curriculum vitae and covering letter were designed. The covering letter that was designed was of a generic nature to help the author to customize it with minimum effort to match specific marketing positions that she wishes to apply for in the next few weeks.
The objective of this report is for the author to study the job of a Marketing Assistant from different angles and to assess herself in terms of the findings. In order to carry out this study the author chose five different organizations from different sectors and studied the specifications that have been set out by these organizations for qualifications that were necessary for role.
In this report the author will describe the methodology that will be used to study the job of the Marketing Assistant, the manner in which the findings will be presented and the self assessment. ...
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In this document the author carries out studies the different specifications, skills, abilities, knowledge, experience and qualifications needed by a candidate when applying for a job in Marketing. The job that has been chosen by the candidate is the position of Marketing Assistant…
Author : jenkinsfinn

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