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Essay example - Environment Ethics

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Environment ethics was ignored in the olden times. But it's only in the recent years that it has become very important and a matter of great concern. We humans should truly believe in environment ethics. The quality of environment is necessary for us to lead a good healthy life…

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So ethics needs to be applied to the environment. (Holmes Rolston, pg.1)
Saving trees is one of the important factors in the environment. If there are no trees, it would further lead to decrease in the number of animals as it is their natural habitat and cannot be replaced by anything else. No trees means no rainfall. We are aware about the effects of pollution and how trees help restore gases that we all need to survive. Moreover it controls erosion, the advantages are numerous.
We should control the emission of poisonous gases that are emitted by motor vehicles, factories etc. that affect the climate and atmosphere around us. Issues regarding global warming needs immediate attention or in future we will not have any snow, glaciers and so on.
Water is an important source for a livelihood. No one can survive without water, so we must not waste it. For soon there will be a time when there will be no potable water.
Saving natural resources like fuels, water, minerals, for future generations is also very important. Or else their will come a time when they wouldn't know what minerals and ores are.
We should take care to save animals and plants that are going to ...
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