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Case Study example - Ethics: The of the Sole Remaining Supplier and Intelligent Test

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Case Study
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This case raises serious ethical issues concerning the privacy and liberty of individuals, as it is likely to seriously undermine civil liberties. If such a system as Federal Intrusion Detection Network comes into operation, it will undermine the individuals' right to privacy…

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When confronted with an ethical dilemma, we need to consider if our action would protect the basic rights of all the individuals involved, and how their well being would be affected by the action. If the government agents are allowed to monitor emails and other private networks, it will violate the individuals' right to liberty and privacy, which is a serious ethical issue. In this case, the right to privacy comes into conflict with the state's intention to prevent attacks that could cripple government's operation and national economy. In such a case, we must analyze which of the two considerations is more important.
'Privacy refers to the ability of individuals to be alone from the larger society. This "aloneness" may take a number of forms. To be physically left alone, to have a sphere of influence over which one is free from coercion, to have one's personal thoughts, characteristics and behaviour remain unknown to the rest of society - all these are examples of being endowed with privacy' (Dodds, 2002). Subjecting all data traveling across private networks to surveillance by governmental agencies seriously interferes with this right. It exposes ones personal thoughts and behavior to the government agencies in a way that violates with the right to privacy. ...
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