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Personality Theories - Essay Example

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Personality Theories

I have several close friends but there was this one, whom I considered the best. This friend of mine exemplifies being both an extrovert and agreeable person. She is the type of person who is very vociferous, never runs out of topic to talk about. She is quick on making short funny stories on every situation she is in, gifted with a good sense of humor. We always have a good laugh whenever she is around. She also does not mind being the cynosure. I also call her my personal guidance counselor for she always offer sound advises to my problems. She is willing to spend her time with her friends not minding the handful tasks that await her. I can see how she values friendship by being loyal to her friends and being sensitive to others emotions. When everybody is feeling down she remains optimistic, giving all of us hope. With her traits she can win as Ms Congeniality. I am only one of the many friends she has.
There was this one incident that I will never forget. We had a 3 day vacation with our friends. All of us were eager to go home but when we arrived at the airport we were informed that our flight will be delayed for 2 hours. Everybody went berserk but my best friend remained calm. She took the effort of explaining that there must be a big reason why it happens, pointing out possible things that might happen if our flight would follow its original schedule considering the terrible weather outside and everybody listened to her. She then started telling hilarious stories about her work and personal experiences. To my surprise my friends took turns in sharing their funny stories. It was so entertaining that even the other people at the lounge were laughing. It looks like the lounge was converted into a gag show with my friend as the stand up comedian. Almost everybody was laughing listening to the side-splitting stories. Nobody then fretted for the delayed flight. After the long wait it was then announced that we are to board the plane in a few minutes. The passengers were even giggling as we boarded the plane. My friend was seated next to the middle-aged woman who was seated by the window. The woman next to her asked if they could exchange seats. I have known my friend for so long and I know that she also hates sitting by the window. Yet to my surprise, she agreed. The woman was now seated between us. My friend noticed that the woman's hands were shaking, somewhat quivering. She asked the woman if she was okay. The woman explained that it was her first time to board a plane on a bad weather and it made her nervous and a little bit scared. We then introduce ourselves and befriended her. The woman's name was Joise. Knowing my friend's abilities, she kept on talking just to entertain Joise and to ease away her fears. The trip was a little bit bumpy due to the weather condition, yet we remained relaxed for we had a very nice conversation. We talked about almost everything and ended up with Joise's life story. I was already exhausted so I closed my eyes but I can still hear them talking. I was very amazed of my friend's willingness to listen since the topic had become so boring. This really showed her interest on people. I did not notice that I had fallen asleep already and was only awakened when the stewardess asked me to put on my seatbelt for we are about to land. The next thing I ...Show more


Extrovert person are those who enjoy being in a group, energetic, and having the positive emotions. They want to be a spirit of the gigs and parties without thinking of being the center of attraction, and they are also the talkative type who does much of the talking even in the exposure of other people…
Author : kristiankub
Personality Theories essay example
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