Coursework on Family Law

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Summary: The aim of this essay is to understand the scope and formulation of family law principles according to established precedents in the English legal system. Compared to other legal discussions, several experts describe family law as a relative function of ethics, changing socio-political norms, economic decisions and sensitive issues (Carbonne, 2000; Esposito, 1982; Frier & Ginn, 2004; Sutherland & McCall-Smith, 1990) such as child-rearing, abortion etc.


Family law is a diverse field of study. In order to cover the full range of subjects associated with its research, my primary focus is on discussing the impact of such a study on a variety of disciplines affected by its impact: with this aim in mind I have attempted to test a central hypothesis (or research question) which would aid in deciding the course of action for better evaluation of the family law concept. Using established sources for feasibility study (Hasday, 2004; Stark, 2006; Rocher, 2003; Elardo, 2002; Abu-Odeh, 2004), the following research question has been tested in this essay: Family law is dynamic, in a constant state of flux and its mechanisms are governed by the legal traditions in which they are formulated1. In my study, I shall focus on English Common Law as the basis for this methodological evaluation. ...
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