Labor Relations and employee relations

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These are groups that can consist different types of members. There are a lot of types of unions present in the world. Their basic aim is to provide a combined voice to the needs of the members. Usually a union consists members that have a common interest, goal or problems.


After defining the two terms unions and labor it's easier to understand what type of relationship exists between the two. A union tries to combine the problems of the labor force and present it in front of the management to increase the weight age of the problem as a whole. The unions and labor should go along incase mutual benefits are expected. If members of the labor force does not collaborate with each other than a union is useless. If unions need to succeed they need to have large memberships. Labor unions can make organizations accept their demands by negotiating and if that doesn't work out then the strength of the unions determines whether a strict action like going on a strike or abandoning work can be taken. Labor unions also try to make the organization help labor in their bad times for example if a labor worker has a family member suffering from a disease that is expensive to cure than the organization can help that person financially if the labor union puts pressure on the management.
Effects of labor union relationship can be diverse for an organization. Collective bargaining has seen a decline in the US workplace lately. In the beginning when unions started to operate studies proved that they have no effects on financial improvements of an organization in fact they proved to be negatively affecting an organizations performance. ...
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