Business Plan for Master Minders

Case Study
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Master Minders was formed because Ms. Jamila Fakiri realizes the need in Reading for a baby sitting agency that fills a void left by other temporary and permanent placement agencies. The company aims is to provide high quality, experienced, professional baby sitters to clients that are currently relying on the instability of word-of-mouth contacts, and are spending much of their time and resources (and, therefore, money) locating such baby sitters.


Those skills support Master Minder's goals.
The UK's changing demographics have led to families becoming more fragmented with parents of young children often finding they have little or no close family support when they start a family. But professional babysitting agencies are an emerging business trend as they provide a cheap form of childcare and represent an attractive option for busy mothers who need help not only with childcare but also with light house hold duties.
Childcare provision is a clearly segmented market, as a result of legislation1 and constantly changing market needs. British parents pay high childcare bills and despite Government initiatives and tax changes, there is a growing need for the expansion of private sector services. Service, price and reputation are essential success factors in the childcare services industry. Master Minders will compete well in this industry by offering competitive prices, high-quality childcare services and by maintaining an excellent reputation with parents. Our target customers are dual-income, upper-middle-class families mainly managers and senior officers who value the quality of education for their children.
We will ...
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